Local Lamb from the Lone Star State


If meat is on the menu in 2016, you really can’t lose with lamb. Fact is, a number of top eateries from around Texas are already experimenting with this trendy protein. A staple of the Mediterranean diet (which limits red meat consumption), locally-sourced lamb products are a lean, heart-healthy option for meals with virtually no carbs whatsoever!

Love thy lamb…

When shopping for that perfect cut, look for those with a firm, fine texture and a pinkish center. Organic, 100% grass-fed lamb is the gold standard, which contains a lower overall fat content, yet still delivers that moist and tender tasting experience we’re after.

Interesting to note, traditional Chinese medicine makes mention of lamb as a warming agent to the body, aiding with blood circulation…who knows! Maybe that’s why it’s such a popular winter-spring delicacy. 😉


Try at Home:


Texas Lamb Duo

A tantalizing Hill Country combo of Rosemary Grilled Lamb Chops and Malbec Braised Lamb Shoulder from Executive Chef Ross Burtwell of the Cabernet Grill – part of Cotton Gin Village in Fredericksburg, TX. Plated with a bleu cheese/white bean ragout.


Photograph by Jennifer Whitney / Texas Hill Country Cuisine


Lamb Ham

This ‘Lamb Ham’ from Chef Peter Maffei of Finn & Porter at the Hilton Austin is deboned, rolled and tied much like you would a roasted ham. The outer crust is coated with a mixture of ground fennel, coriander and chili flake…



Colorado Rack of Lamb

Pan seared Colorado Lamb Rack from Executive Chef Eduardo Guizar at *17, the on-site restaurant at The Sam Houston Hotel in Houston, TX. Chef plated his finished product with baked sweet potatoes & seasoned asparagus in a beautiful Muscat grape demi glaze!



Braised Lamb Shanks

Cook this range-fed lamb from Boudro’s Texas Bistro ‘low and slow’ in the oven. It’s plated here with a buttery Pappardelle Pasta cooked al dente and seasoned with fresh herbs:



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