A New Napa Wine Find for the Holidays!


Finding a good wine in Napa is no longer news. Finding a wine you love for all the right reasons is truly special. Each year we travel to wine regions to explore food trends and wine finds. Our most memorable winery visit was to a new spot–Young Inglewood in St. Helena…



Save This Shandy for Pumpkin Spice Beer Cocktails!

Are you on pumpkin overload yet? It’s that time of year! Fetch your favorite brand of pumpkin craft beer and transform it into a dark-hued cocktail certified delicious in a pinch! A tasty new angle for this seasonal favorite…


HEB HU Oct Thanksgiving Wines

It’s High Time for Holiday Wines!

Let’s think outside the box with regard to Thanksgiving wines–there’s more to Turkey Day than just pinot noir or chardonnay! Wine Manager Michael Catalano of The Cellar at the new H-E-B San Felipe has a few hidden gems for us to seek out…


HEB SA  Nov Wines

Weigh In on Thanksgiving Day Wines!

Hard to believe but…it’s holiday season! I got with Ralph my Wine Guy for his go-to wines no matter what’s being served at your table. Sometimes it’s hard to know which bottles are your best best on Thanksgiving. Here’s our suggestions…


Zinc Pumpkin Cheesecake

Turkey Day Wine Ideas on SA Living!

How do YOU do Thanksgiving? I always get asked which wines are best on the big day. To tell you the truth, it changes every year! I have some new ideas for 2015–from traditional varietals to ‘outside of the box’ picks sure to please this holiday season…



Dining Do’s for Fall in H-town!

Autumn is in the air, meaning it’s a great time to get out and dine outdoors around Houston. Some of the best restaurants in the world hail from here–and that’s no overstatement! It’s all about festive fall themed cuisine at these go-to spots around town…



H-E-B Ciao Italia Wine Finds!

The taste of Italy returns to your local H-E-B this October! Our universal love of all things Italian most definitely extends to the country’s wine selection. Here’s a few of those ‘import varietals’ to keep an eye out for during H-E-B’s Ciao Italia celebration…



Picking the Perfect Pinot Noir!

Join us on a tasty trip around the globe as we sample several popular pinots you can find right here in the Lone Star State! Not all pinot noirs are created equal. There are varying flavor profiles, depending on the region the grapes are sourced from.



Autumn-Ready Reds from H-E-B

Tailgate season has arrived, and these spirited reds are in on the festivities. No matter how darn hot it may get in South Texas, the number #1 best selling wine across the board is still domestic red wine. Here are a few special selections to try as we head into fall…



ANY Day for Rosé!

One of my very favorite wine varietals is also one of the most misunderstood… rosés! Classic rosé wines are dry and crisp…not sweet. They’re also generally VERY inexpensive, plus a low alcohol content makes them a perfect summer ‘porch’ wine…



This is White Wine Weather!

A great variety for right now is what it’s all about at H-E-B Montrose Market. Wine Manager Mary Busby and I share a lot of the same tastes and agree that a chilled white is just what we desire for this heat. The following three varietals are just the ticket…



Fruit Forward Wines for August!

It’s HOT! There’s no better time to head indoors to see what’s new with H-E-B in the wine department! Remember to mix or match ANY six bottles and receive an additional discount off your total wine purchase…



Try My Key Lime Pie with Prosecco!

I woke up with a CRAVING for Key lime pie recently! This homemade rendition by yours truly is perfect for pairing with this Enza Prosecco – a crisp, refreshing sparkling with flavors of pear and green apple. Talk about summer love…



New Rosés that Rock for Summer!

More options for one of my favorite summer varietals are in at the H-E-B Montrose Market. One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about rosés is that they’re all too sweet. Not true! For red fans who want a smooth transition to white – reach for rosé!


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