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A Derby Day Wine for the Races


I’ve tasted some interesting beers aged in Bourbon barrels but never wine, until now. Just in time for the Derby comes an easy drinking Cabernet Sauvignon aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels…

Wines of the Week – Episode 4

Traditional rosé aren’t sweet. In fact, they’re dry and crisp with minerality and soft fruit characteristics. Plus, all three of my picks are under $20…some WAY under! 😉


Wines of the Week – Episode 3

Easy to drink, inexpensive and delicious wines…blends fit the bill! Three picks from Sonoma for my Wines of the Week for Episode 3 of Goodtaste with Tanji! Find them all at your local H-E-B.


Wines of the Week – Episode 2

A great steak wine from Washington State, a Cabernet from the ‘Winemaker of the Year’ and the perfect start (or finish) to any meal is a glass of bubbly…sparkling strawberries in this case.


New Easy Drinking Wines for May

We’re back inside the H-E-B at Blanco & 1604 with Ralph ‘My Wine Guy’ for a few fun wine finds for May. All three selections are priced under $20, in addition to a 10% discount when you buy 6 or more!


DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

How’s this for an eco-friendly activity! These DIY ideas for wine bottle candles, bird feeders and antique teacup candles are super cute. If you’re like me, an empty wine bottle around the house isn’t hard to come by!

episode 1 wines

Wines of the Week – Episode 1

Details on my Wines of the Week from our premiere episode of Goodtaste with Tanji–now available for streaming online. Find all 3 wine picks at your local H-E-B for under $20!

SA HEB April Wine1

All for These Fiesta Wines!

It’s all about flare for Fiesta! Here are three warm weather wine varietals rock for this annual citywide celebration…


A Key Health Finding for Wine Fans!

A brand new study suggests drinking wine can be good for your health…of course we’re all ears! A control group of 225 adults diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes were monitored for a period of two years and the results are telling…

SA HEB Springtime Wines1

Spring Wines to Seek Out!

This weather’s been a bit of a tease lately, though it’s finally beginning to feel like spring! Browse the aisles for a bargain bottle of wine at the beautiful Market at Stone Oak H-E-B.


Let the Rodeo Wine Roundup Commence!

It’s about that time, Houston! Medal winners from the 2016 International Wine Competition at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are in stock at your neighborhood H-E-B.


A Glass a Day Keeps Diabetes at Bay?

I’ve got good news for wine fans and maybe even diabetes patients. More and more research is showing that a glass of wine a day is actually a positive for your health!


Celebrate with Sparklings All Month Long!

Welcome to this beautiful new H-E-B on San Antonio’s north side – The Market at Stone Oak. Wine Manager Craig Marsh shared a few fun sparkling ideas for you; bargain bubblies you must try from sweet to dry!

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