Weekly Gems


Stamp Your Passport to Greece!

Taste your way across a country whose food and culture inspire infinite curiosity and imagination. Central Market Presents Passport Greece is just around the corner! The two-week event runs from April 29 – May 12 and promises an array of delicious and traditional Greek fare and wines…



The Woodlands Wine & Food Week Returns June 1st!

Wine fans, one of the very best events of the year is right around the corner—Wine and Food Week at the Woodlands, June 1-7. The theme for this year’s week-long celebration is “The Design of Wine,” in honor of all things fashionable.



Local, Nutritious Food Find Roots at Boggy Creek

One of the country’s FIRST urban farms is alive and growing! Amidst the hustle and bustle of our state capital exists a truly beautiful place; a peaceful oasis called Boggy Creek Farm, where the birds sing, the flowers bloom and some amazing things are being produced year-round…



‘Bubbly’ Foods for Spring!

Get a jump on planning a spring dinner party with fresh fixin’s featuring Prosecco DOC. Now anyone can enjoy this lusicous grape WITHIN each course. The persistent aromas of white flowers, apples and pear add a tantalizing touch to these recipes…



Arouse Your Senses with Tea-Infused Recipes

The new foodie trend to “drink in” is tea. Chefs far and wide are experimenting with tea leaves in their cuisine. Think of them as you would any other fresh herb, such as parsley or chives. The exact amount you add to a recipe is open to interpretation and limited only by your taste buds…



Where to Dine for Dazzling Wildflowers!

Looking for the best wildflower explosion—head for the hills! That’s the locale the expert flower spotters are raving about this year. There are plenty of routes to choose from and some fun side trips along the way. One of the most popular wildflower trails in Texas is…



Gold Medal Wins for These Texas Wines!

Well, we couldn’t be prouder to be “wine drinking Texans”. The results of a recent major state competition show that Mediterranean varieties and Texas terroir make for a perfect pariing as Tempranillo, Tannat and Viognier varietals were among the top winners…



Eat Your Heart Out Mother Nature!

Expect to be ‘wowed’ by the wildflowers this spring. We’re talking a plethora of phenomenal colors, shapes, sizes and textures! Here are a few ideas for easy outdoor grubbin’, while you relish the best that Spring 2015 has to offer in the serene Texas Hill Country…



Houston Voted #1 Spot for Foodies Nationwide!

Travel and Leisure Magazine recently polled its readers to find out which city in the entire country is the best for ‘food snobs.’ Good ole H-Town was voted NUMBER 1, beating cities like New York, San Francisco and New Orleans!



Satisfy Your Crawfish Cravings!

Step outside right now and the temperature is near perfect, but inside…it’s boiling! Crawfish make whatever meal they’re apart of really POP! Chili, gumbo, zesty pastas…even some very creative cornbread as you’ll no doubt come to find in this collection of southern recipes I’ve acquired over the years.



Pack LITE with Tuna for Your Picnic ;)

Betcha didn’t know that tuna salad is one of the most commonly packed picnic foods! With spring just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the ol’ wicker basket, pack a comfy blanket and bring along a few cans of your favorite albacore for the perfect afternoon picnic!



Set the Mood & Settle In with a Sexy Spa

Experience a new level of luxury in the privacy of your home with a custom spa. Not only is a whirlpool a pleasant way to unwind beneath the stars, but there are therapeutic benefits as well. Set the mood with chocolate, bubbly and some warm sensations!



The Right Foods to Fuel Your Diet!

Continue to keep your New Year’s diet on track with sure bets like California kale, Texas sunshine relish and a zesty chicken stir fry, among other ‘lean cuisine’ found on Goodtaste. These juicy, feel-good foods are often protein-packed and low in fat and unwanted carbs!



Go for These Grilled Cheese & Soup Pairings!

What better in wintry weather than a good old-fashioned grilled cheese and a cup of hot soup! On the nights that make you shutter and shake, sometimes it doesn’t get better than Netflix and buttery grilled cheese.


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