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Regional Flavors on Masraff’s New Fall Menu!

One of Uptown’s finest restaurants has a new, seasonally inspired menu to carry us through to winter! Masraff’s classic Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes have been enhanced for the holidays, as have several mainstay attractions…



How to Buy Authentic, Fresh Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

Now that the busiest cooking time of the year is upon us, Goodtaste has everything you need to know when shopping for two mealtime essentials: olive oil and balsamic vinegar. After all, not all oil (or vinegar) is created equal!



Save This Shandy for Pumpkin Spice Beer Cocktails!

Are you on pumpkin overload yet? It’s that time of year! Fetch your favorite brand of pumpkin craft beer and transform it into a dark-hued cocktail certified delicious in a pinch! A tasty new angle for this seasonal favorite…


Fonda San Miguel Crab Enchiladas3

Enchiladas at Large!

As timeless a Tex Mex dish as any you will ever encounter, enchiladas are a familiar, familial favorite for most everyone in South Texas. We like ours under two conditions: easy and cheesy! Half a dozen recipes from right in our own backyard…



Goodtaste with Tanji Tapped for TV Series!

I have BIG news to share with you…Goodtaste with Tanji will be a television series next spring sponsored by Sysco Foods! As we enter our eighth year of producing our online show at Goodtaste.tv, we are grateful to you for your ongoing support.



The Truth About Vermouth

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the world’s oldest spirit. Indeed, what goes around comes around as Vermouth is primed for a resurgence among millennials! Indulge in these three easy recipes…your go-to Manhattan or Martini wouldn’t be the same without it!



Crumbly Coffee Cake Creations!

All praises go to these glazed coffee companions. My morning cup of Joe is exponentially better with a slice of soft-baked coffee cake. Just the right combination of sugary/sweet for a nice pick-me-up first thing!



Apple Inspired Eats for the AM!

Up and at’em! Autumn is a ripe time for juicy orchard apples to really come into their own! The same can be said for these fruity, early morning delights…



Quick & Easy Weekday Casseroles Kicked Up!

It’s the return of routine, along with schedule-friendly foods that practically make themselves. Find a great week night meal solution in homemade casserole! Whatever you don’t finish is good to freeze and reheat for some awesome leftovers…


Garden Kimchi Salad

Bring Wine Country’s Harvest Season Home!

Having just returned from a welcome retreat to Wine Country, I can tell you – now’s the perfect time to go get lost on the West Coast! We’re entering a GORGEOUS time of year for out there…the air cool and crisp, the scenery exploding with indescribable color. The time of year growers and wine makers live for!



Five Foods That Help You Sleep

If sleepless nights sometimes make you crazy, there may be some help as close by as your refrigerator. Many nutritionists agree that certain foods can help you sleep more soundly. Some are obvious, others not so much. Here are the top 5 on my list…


Blue Crab and Caviar Nachos_Brennan's of Houston

Texas Creole Game Day Fixin’s

It’s football season–FINALLY! Also known as a time for foodies to get their roster of game day snacks in order. Brennan’s of Houston’s Executive Chef Danny Trace (an enthusiastic Houston Texans fan!) shared a few of his go-to recipes for tailgating and entertaining.



The ‘Chef’ is Back in Chef’s Salad

We aren’t reinventing the chef’s salad – rather rethinking our approach. The results will be impossible for you to resist! There’s a personal touch to this cuisine, an infusion of flavor and flare. C’mon, get creative with us….



Texas-Sized Sandwich Finds!

Innovative, mouthwatering sandwiches are out there, and we’ll show you just where to find them. Plus, tips from an expert on how you can make your sandwiches sensational at home. As for what’s trending in ‘foodie’ pubs these days…



Back-to-School Toddies for Mom!

Lemme guess…did everyone sigh a big ahhhhhhh when the school bells rang on Monday?! Back to school means back to a routine and yes, a bit of celebrating. Put the craziness of the first day of school behind you and kick your feet up with something beautiful…


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