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Brennan’s Texas-Style Mardi Gras Soirée

Unwind on Fat Tuesday at Brennan’s–hosting what will surely be among the most authentic Mardi Gras experiences in Houston! Executive Chef Danny Trace show off his Cajun roots with a 3-course prix fixe menu featuring…



Local Lamb from the Lone Star State!

You really can’t lose with lamb! Fact is, a number of top eateries from around Texas are already experimenting with this trendy protein. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, locally-sourced lamb products are a lean, heart-healthy option for meals with virtually no carbs…



On a Cold Winter’s Night

Count on the following foods for insulation this winter. Thus far, the weather has been anything but predictable! That’s where these hearty, homestyle dishes come into play – the type that warm your bones to the core and remind you you’re ALIVE!



Add More Flavor to Food with Red Wine!

Cooking with red wine is an alternative method to consuming the wine we love, and contrary to popular belief, doesn’t zero out ALL of the good properties that come with drinking the wine straight from the bottle. This, of course, depends largely on the method involved…



Flush the Fat with Soup…Then Wine?

Think less “diet” and more focus on lifestyle this New Year. Studies have shown that working soup into your meal planning can save you big time when it comes to calorie intake…nearly 500 calories per meal that is!



Paleo May Be the Purist Diet

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of eating Paleo–and they’ve been proven. This “diet of our ancestors” is based on essential foods humans thrive on; those nutrient rich with the right fats, protein and carbohydrates for health living.



Two Heroes in One Day

One of the joys of being a journalist is meeting the incredible people whose stories are an inspiration to tell. I’m on Cloud 9 right now after an unexpected encounter with one of those folks this weekend…



Win 2 Nights at The William in Boerne!

An elegant departure unlike any you’ll find in Boerne. Sign up today for your chance to win a FREE weekend stay for 2 at The William! This newly renovated Hill Country property overlooks the heart of Historic Downtown Boerne and is just steps from Main Street…



Scrumptious S’mores in the Skillet

Take a spoon to these campfire s’mores…betcha can’t have just one bite! These ooey gooey treats have a playful presentation with a price point you simply can’t beat. Our Sous Chef Dustin Alexander demonstrates how to whip up a batch at home in no time at all.


Red Snapper

The Right Fish to Get Fit!

Most of us are starting the New Year off with intention – a will and strong desire to eat healthier and lose weight. I’ve spent years interviewing health experts, and one thing that all agree on is that protein is key. One of my go-to protein choices is fish…


Luby's Homestyle Chicken Soup

Slim Down with Soup – It’s True!

The key to looking and feeling your best this New Year may be as simple as a piping hot bowl of soup. And science agrees! Research has shown that a serving of the good stuff often makes for the perfect meal substitute to richer, higher-calorie dense foods.



Relish THIS Part of Your Ribeye…

Start your New Year off with a most tender cut of beef, thanks to my friends at Zinc. Executive Chef Robbie Nowlin served this exact Grilled Ribeye Cap as the main entrée for his special 5-course New Year’s Eve Dinner in Zinc’s legendary Wine Cellar…



Warm & Fuzzy Spiced Mulled Wine!

Make the most of the season’s flavors with mulled wine. This welcome winter warmer typically calls for red wine, along with mulling spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom or ginger. The process couldn’t be more straightforward…



‘Tis the Season to Slow Cook!

In the Crock-Pot we trust! Now that we’ve made it through the holidays, it’s time to SLOW things down. For a hot, home-cooked meal with minimal time and effort spent, these seasonal slow cooker recipes are a quick fix all in one place on Goodtaste.tv…



How to Buy Authentic, Fresh Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

Now that the busiest cooking time of the year is upon us, Goodtaste has everything you need to know when shopping for two mealtime essentials: olive oil and balsamic vinegar. After all, not all oil (or vinegar) is created equal!


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