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Back-to-School Toddies for Mom!

Lemme guess…did everyone sigh a big ahhhhhhh when the school bells rang on Monday?! Back to school means back to a routine and yes, a bit of celebrating. Put the craziness of the first day of school behind you and kick your feet up with something beautiful…



Dreamy Ice Cream Cake Melts!

Microwave ice cream and end up with cake, huh?! The tease from Food and Wine caught my eye, so I decided to investigate. I created three different ‘cakes’ and used H-E-B’s Creamy Creations ice creams. The process is simple and turns run-of-the-mill ice cream on its head!



Peanut Butter is Your Buddy

What’s better than creamy peanut butter in a pinch! We’re thinking simple, crowd-pleasing snacks for everyone (kids & adults) after school–something snappy based around the peanut butter already in your pantry. Parents…GO NUTS!


Grilled Chicken with Strawberry and Pineapple Salsa

More Pineapple Please!

Count on this tropical fruit to remain light, bright and happy year-round. Pineapple’s juiciness, however, is most appreciated during triple digits temps! There’s a number of ways to enjoy them – freshly diced, in juice form or cooked comes to mind…


2015 H-E-B Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best Finale competition at the Houston Food Bank

H-E-B’s Quest for Texas Best Produces!

Ahhhh, the sweet taste success…something some entrepreneurs, talented creators of unique products from around the Lone Star State, are relishing. Meet the big winners of H-E-B’s Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best contest!



Summer Send-Off Sangrias!

Some schools are already back in session with the rest to follow suit very soon. Savor these last few days of summer and keep life simple. Treat yourself to fresh fruit-filled sangria – early afternoon & poolside if you can help it!



Have a Cheat Day with Cheesecake!

A chilled slice of smooth cheesecake on a sweltering August afternoon – it’s a date! I’ve had a sweet tooth lately, craving Homemade Key Lime Pie and now creamy cheesecake. The handful of recipes to follow show a nice range with how to dress yours up or down…



All Eyes on These Local Iced Coffees!

Java lovers may currently find themselves rethinking the texture and temperature of that daily cup of Joe. Hot coffee still hits the spot first thing in the AM, but if you’re a multi-cup-a-day drinker and searching for variety, let’s CHILL! Much like the menus of our favorite restaurants sway with what the current season dictates, so we’re hankerin’ for something cold and bold…



Houston Restaurant Weeks Returns Aug. 1st!

We want in on the single largest fundraiser in the US, benefitting the largest food bank in America! To date, Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW) has raised almost $6 million for the Houston Food Bank, which translates to almost 18 million meals for Houstonians in need!



The Right Way to Watermelon!

With nothing but sunshine and triple digit temps on the horizon, it’s a prime time for a slice of fresh watermelon! We love that distinct flavor contrast between sweet and crunchy – and just how versatile (& portable!) this distinctive tropical fruit can be…


Radio Milano Tar-tufo

Savor Every Last Lick of These Summer Ice Creams

Who’s up for a round of cold treats this July to celebrate National Ice Cream Month! Temps are rising now, and ice cream during a South Texas summer is almost as essential as air conditioning…almost. Find your fix with the following recipes and how-to’s!



Show Me the Sushi!

There’s never felt like much of a middle ground with sushi. Either it’s not been for you or you’re in deep. I tend to sway toward the latter direction, though I’m no fanatic. If I’m in the mood, however, there’s little that quells the craving for a freshly prepared roll.



Pack a Picnic with MAX’s Famous Southern Fried Chicken!

Sunny days are made for celebrating! If a summer picnic is top of the mind, then these recipes are calling your name! Skip the same old sandwiches or cold salads and whip up a picnic basket worthy of envy with Max’s Wine Dive’s Famous Fried Chicken as your star…



Taste Our Texas Trifecta for Crab Cakes!

Let’s all agree on one summer essential: crab cakes. The meatier, the better! Fresh or frozen, crab meat is easy to prepare. I’ve brought back some old favorites, as well as new discoveries to share…



Add Some Avocado to Your Life!

Rockin’ recipes featuring the fruit that adds good fat to guilty pleasures…avocado! There are many reasons to fall in love with this smooth, creamy fruit used in both savory and sweet dishes. It’s true, the uses are widespread, and its taste always delivers…


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