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Houston Restaurant Weeks is a FEAST!

Get ready to dig in! Houston Restaurant Weeks is almost here. For nearly four weeks, you can enjoy special menus at discounted prices from restaurants all across the city. Here’s our two cents on the brunch, lunch and dinner menus from a handful of participating restaurants. Take a look, as we tempt you with dozens of great dishes…



Pack a Picnic with MAX’s Fried Chicken & Collard Greens!

If you have a summer picnic on your mind, then these recipes are calling your name! Skip the summer sandwiches or cold salads and pack some of Max’s Wine Dive’ Famous Fried Chicken and some of our fave sides, including a refreshing ice-cold cucumber and lemon mocktail.



Hemingway’s Annual Birthday Celebration at Ocho – July 19!

It’s that time of the year again! Ocho at the Havana Hotel in downtown San Antonio has teamed up with the city Public Library Foundation’s First Edition Society to celebrate the birthday of beloved author, occasional Cuban resident and renowned cocktail enthusiast — Ernest Hemingway.



Delicious Destinations Across America

Summer is a great time to explore the open road and travel across our great country. Aside from the sights, the best part about any trip, in our opinion, is the food. So, we’ve compiled some key cities and restaurants we stopped into along the way. May your travels be DELICIOUS!



15 Dining Etiquette Tips (You Can’t Afford to Overlook)

Before you plan that next summer dinner party, or attend the season’s big dinner bash, there are some basics you can’t afford to overlook. Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert, shares these tips from her blog that are her dining etiquette essentials…



Frozen Fruit-Based Desserts from Your Kitchen!

Simple summer treats never looked so fancy! Goodtaste’s registered dietitian, Rosie Benner, has some delicious desserts served ice-cold for summer. Make these after a dinner party and your guests may never leave!



Grab These Summer Crab Recipes

Summer crab recipes from coast to coast! We’re beginning our cross country tour de taste with a brand new recipe from Eataly in New York City. Good for six servings, this recipe for Soft-Shell Crab comes courtesy of none other than world-famous Chef Mario Batali!



Not Your Mama’s Strawberry Shortcake!

Ahh the flavor shades of summer. Bright, light and oh so good! Chef Belinda of H-E-B Cooking Connection shares a chic finger food you can make with fresh strawberries. It’s shortcake in a way you might not have thought of before. The real “kicker” here is…



The Ultimate CHILL Zone with Seafood for the Grill!

We grill year-round in Texas, but come summertime, my backyard grill lightens up with fresh seafood and veggies. Grilling those beautiful lobsters and sweet Gulf shrimp can be a little intimidating, so I asked the pros at Groomer’s Seafood for some tips of the trade — and recipes!



6 Ways to Go Bananas!

They’re some of the most agreeable food around. Chances are you had banana slices as an infant, and are still fond of them today. We’re indulging in this elongated fruit of summer with as many treats as we can think of! Here are some sweet ways to serve them up…



A Prime Time for Peaches!

The sweet and juicy peaches of the Texas Hill Country are legendary. Peach stands are just starting to pop up along roadsides. To get you in the ‘ripe’ state-of-mind, we’ve gathered together some of our favorite recipes for early on in this desirable season! All the right weather conditions have made for a bountiful harvest…


Ma Harper's Sweet Potato Pie

5 Summer Pies Fit for Cookout Season!

Pick a pie — any pie! Our Top 5 summer showstoppers are warm, crumbly and flaky. Or nutty, bold and creamy. There’s chocolate, there’s pecan. There’s something for everyone! The choice is yours. Just make sure to save room for dessert at your next outdoor outing…



Here Comes Your Next Backyard BBQ Bash!

We tried to cover everything for fun in the Sun with BBQ, beer, burgers and more. Planning a midday Fiesta never looked so enticing! All your guilty pleasures are here…even a few you may not have thought of. And the ‘sauce’ top to it off? Tutorials from some of the best chefs in the business.



Cauliflower Cures All!

If you’re in the mood to shake up your diet, try adding cauliflower to your list of must-do’s. Another ‘list’ it belongs to is among the world’s healthiest foods! Here are a few recipes we have that feature this nutritious veggie at its finest…



The BEST Darn Burgers We’ve Had!

Bask in the juicy goodness of Burger Week on Goodtaste.tv! It’s that time of year to kick your grilling into high gear with the quality meat, lush toppings and soft, buttery buns to bring it all together.


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