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Easy Eggnog – ‘Tis the Season!

A little bit of eggnog at your next holiday soiree can go a long way! This festive, frothy drink is easily just as good with or without alcohol. Over the years I’ve held on to one or two timeless classics, as well as added a few new recipes to our collection on Goodtaste…



Coconut Cream Pie from the World Famous Blue Bonnet Cafe!

A main attraction of Main Street in Marble Falls, stemming all the way back to 1929! The Blue Bonnet Cafe is world renown for two things: the people and their pie! The latter of which resulted in a recipe for their top-seller…Coconut Cream Pie!



Oh My – Olivette’s Sticky Toffee Pudding!

Stop the presses! This Sticky Toffee Pudding from Pastry Chef Catherine Rodriguez is headline news! Sweet and seasonal, it’s the perfect addition to any pre-planned holiday menus this year. Some of the best modern American cuisine with a delicious Mediterranean accent comes from Olivette at the Houstonian!



SA’s Chef Cooperative Returns with Benefit Dinner at Fig Tree!

Kick off the New Year with a multi-course meal made entirely with local ingredients! The next Chef Cooperative pop-up dinner in San Antonio is a fundraiser for Parr Vineyards at the Fig Tree Restaurant at the Dashiell House on Saturday, January 10th. The goal of Chef Co-op is to continue spreading awareness on the importance of eating local!



12 Days of Holiday Cocktails!

On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me…one amazing collection of holiday cocktails! We’ve gathered together some of our favorite spirits from Christmas Past, along with several new entries to our recipe section on Goodtaste.tv…



Breckenridge Brewery’s Christmas Ale

The holidays are top of the mind now that December has arrived. Breckenridge Brewery’s Christmas Ale captures that extra flavor and strength we’re currently looking for in a winter warmer. It’s a bit of bottled joy to the world!



Holiday Wine Rec’s for the Alamo City!

If you want to buy the best wine for the least amount of money, you need a friend. A trusted wine expert who has not only studied wine but who also samples a lot of wines to learn even more. In San Antonio, my Wine Guy is Ralph Cortez, the longtime wine manager at the H-E-B Plus store at 1604 & Blanco…



Holiday Wine Recommendations…H-town!

One of the most valuable friends a wine lover can have is a trusted wine expert…someone who not only has extensively studied wine but who also samples a lot of wines to learn even more. That person will save you countless dollars over the years. I speak from experience!



Booze Cherries Better Than Cranberries!

Ready or not, the biggest feast of the year is about to be here! If you’re looking for some quick and easy shortcuts, I’ve got them for you on Goodtaste.tv. As always with any recipe, it comes down to using the BEST products available. It was about this time last year that I met the creator of a local product that has taken Texas by storm…



Heart Healthy Steak Unlike Any Other in the US!

HeartBrand Akaushi is heart healthy, it’s true, but it also has an incredible history. The highest quality beef money can buy essentially came to be in the United States through a loophole in a trade act. Now this ‘national treasure’ in Japan is raised from birth stateside in Gonzales, TX…



Beers Fit for Sweater Weather!

We’ve come to learn there are beers fit for any forecast, and that includes sweater weather! The following cold weather brews are our true winter warmers…dark, malty and with higher alcohol content to leave you feeling nice and fuzzy inside…



The Perfect Holiday Pies!

By now you’ve probably seen our massive meal planner for Thanksgiving – turkey four ways and more all in one place on Goodtaste.tv. When it comes to holiday dessert, there’s nothing quite like that perfect piece of pie…no matter how you slice it!



Cheers for Hot Chocolate & Churros!

Plan a cuddle session with that special someone this week…temps are set to take another dip. It’s an early chill to get you in the mood for all kinds of fun stuff…including this choice combo: churros with homemade hot chocolate!



Southern Home Cooked Holidays

Funny how a flavor or an aroma can bring back long forgotten memories, even emotions. I recently discovered a decades old cookbook that belonged to my mother-in-law. As I flipped through the old pages and the loose, faded pieces of newspaper that filled its covers, I was overcome with emotion…



It’s Soup Season (Well Almost)!

These autumn evenings in the Lone Star State are gradually growing cooler, but boot weather can’t come soon enough! These savory soups all incorporate seasonal ingredients to keep you feeling snug and content…pumpkin and butternut squash to name a few.


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