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The Delicious Mischief’s 100 Favorite Recipes Revealed!

Food writer John DeMers is the Delicious Mischief; an author of more than fifty published books on food, drink, travel, history and religion, including four Texas-set novels, five plays and two musicals. His latest release is a culinary love letter of sorts with PLENTY of recipes in between…



The Right Foods to Fuel Your Diet!

Continue to keep your New Year’s diet on track with sure bets like California kale, Texas sunshine relish and a zesty chicken stir fry, among other ‘lean cuisine’ found on Goodtaste. These juicy, feel-good foods are often protein-packed and low in fat and unwanted carbs!



Go for These Grilled Cheese & Soup Pairings!

What better in wintry weather than a good old-fashioned grilled cheese and a cup of hot soup! On the nights that make you shutter and shake, sometimes it doesn’t get better than Netflix and buttery grilled cheese.



Diet and Drink Healthy at the Same Time

The word diet puts me in a bad mood. And, if that diet goes even further and eliminates my daily glass of wine, that mood gets even worse. Good news—you can work a glass of wine into your diet, perhaps even a cocktail or beer.



Spring on these Spiked Winter Beverages

Here are a few sinfully delish winter cocktail recipes sure to impress, while also pairing just right with seasonal favorites for your family’s table. Enjoy these ‘grown-up’ concoctions in front of the fireplace and escape these frigid temps!



Meals on Reels Celebrates Cuisine and Movies!

The San Antonio chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier International (LDEI) is hosting Meals on Reels on Thursday, February 26th. LDEI is a charitable organization of women in the culinary fields. I just became a member of the local chapter myself, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015!



“Happy Foods” for a Healthier Lifestyle

Did you know that there is a strong correlation between stress, diet and our moods? Making better eating choices will ultimately help you feel better, deal with stress better and lead to weight loss you can sustain…



SanTan Brewing Company

Every last one of the craft beers from SanTan Brewing Company are specifically brewed (and designed) for hotter climates…hence the name ‘Southwestern’ Style Ales. This Arizona-based brewery began distributing in Texas last June, on the belief that great craft beer can be inspiration fro the conversations that can change the world!



An Awesome New Year’s Eve at Home

I love reflecting on the highs of the outgoing year and looking forward to the amazing opportunities ahead. Every day we’re here is a gift, and to be able to work with, live with and experience it all with so many special people is truly the best gift of all.



Save Us a Seat at Center Court!

The tip-off to any good time can be found at Center Court Pizza & Brew – a family friendly sports bar with chef designed pizzas, pastries and a playground out back! Catch your favorite team’s next game on one of a whopping 47 screens in-house. Plus, craft beer for days…



Natural Flavored Water Works!

Everyone knows you can add a twist of lime to every day water, but those store-bought flavored waters have a ton of hidden sugar and calories in them. Here are a few homemade, healthy flavored water recipes you can make in a big pitcher or toss in your water bottle before you hit the gym!



Classic Asian Fare with Contemporary Flare at MJ China Bistro

The same family behind San Antonio’s Taipei – a family we’ve known and trusted for over 25 years – brings us the excellent MJ China Bistro in the Medical Center area, just off Huebner Rd. It’s a beautiful restaurant with all things divine in Asian cuisine, plus a little more!



Coconut Cream Pie from the World Famous Blue Bonnet Cafe!

A main attraction of Main Street in Marble Falls, stemming all the way back to 1929! The Blue Bonnet Cafe is world renown for two things: the people and their pie! The latter of which resulted in a recipe for their top-seller…Coconut Cream Pie!



Oh My – Olivette’s Sticky Toffee Pudding!

Stop the presses! This Sticky Toffee Pudding from Pastry Chef Catherine Rodriguez is headline news! Sweet and seasonal, it’s the perfect addition to any pre-planned holiday menus this year. Some of the best modern American cuisine with a delicious Mediterranean accent comes from Olivette at the Houstonian!



SA’s Chef Cooperative Returns with Benefit Dinner at Fig Tree!

Kick off the New Year with a multi-course meal made entirely with local ingredients! The next Chef Cooperative pop-up dinner in San Antonio is a fundraiser for Parr Vineyards at the Fig Tree Restaurant at the Dashiell House on Saturday, January 10th. The goal of Chef Co-op is to continue spreading awareness on the importance of eating local!


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