Crazy for Cranberries This Thanksgiving!


Our love of cranberries unquestionably extends to these holiday delights! Three super easy recipes, chock-full of Vitamin C, to color up your festive spread. Coo over my homemade Cranberry Tart Pie, Glazed Cranberries and a snappy Cranberry Margarita Martini…



Thanksgiving on the Fly!

Not sure you’ll have time to cook this year? Not to worry! We’ve got some wonderful places around town that can do the work for you…dine-in or takeout. Plus, a variety of wine selections too!



Fried Turkeys from Fatboy!

Don’t look now, but Thanksgiving Day is less than a week away! If you don’t want to deal with the mess and stress of cooking for your fam this year, we have your solution…a southern spin with fried turkeys from Fatboy!


Zinc Pumpkin Cheesecake

Turkey Day Wine Ideas on SA Living!

How do YOU do Thanksgiving? I always get asked which wines are best on the big day. To tell you the truth, it changes every year! I have some new ideas for 2015–from traditional varietals to ‘outside of the box’ picks sure to please this holiday season…



Walls of Wine at Fork & Vine!

You could say we’re ‘rebounding’ from Halloween weekend with choice selections from Fork and Vine–celebrating their one year anniversary! Here, you get the best of both worlds as a diner: top-notch cuisine in a cool, contemporary setting…



A Frightening Feast for Halloween!

We’re days away from dressing up and tricking out All Hallow’s Eve. To those planning to host a monster mash of their own, these treats are to die for! Even still, ours is a healthier approach to Halloween snacks for your bash on the big day.



Dining Do’s for Fall in H-town!

Autumn is in the air, meaning it’s a great time to get out and dine outdoors around Houston. Some of the best restaurants in the world hail from here–and that’s no overstatement! It’s all about festive fall themed cuisine at these go-to spots around town…


Andiamo Eggplant

All In on Andiamo’s!

In 1492, life was forever changed in this country…Happy Columbus Day! Andiamo’s has your taste of Italia this week on We are Austin. This is fine authentic Italian cuisine from owner Daniela Marcone, a native of Naples!


Tacodeli Mole

There’s No Topping Tacodeli!

Endless farm-to-table options with a delicious spread from Austin-bred Tacodeli. Folks outside the city limits may not be quite as familiar, but they’re a locally sourced, family-owned taco franchise that has been a staple in our state capital for over 15 years!



Picking the Perfect Pinot Noir!

Join us on a tasty trip around the globe as we sample several popular pinots you can find right here in the Lone Star State! Not all pinot noirs are created equal. There are varying flavor profiles, depending on the region the grapes are sourced from.


KPRC 9.26

Finger Foods for Football Fans

We’ve got quite a spread for your next game day gathering! Crowd-pleasing comfort foods from some fan favorites in Houston.


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