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Experience that ‘Next Culinary Level’ with Taste Elevated!

Working on provides us a ton of opportunities to taste new products and try new restaurants. Recently, I had the delightful pleasure of attending the release party for a brand new line of condiments (sauces, garnishes and the like) called Taste Elevated. The fabulous products are the creation of Lori Krueger, who in her ‘day’ job is a marketing manager at Cox Smith Attorneys in San Antonio.

Masraff's Risotto

Go Go Risotto!

Risotto – just the name all by itself conjures up delicious visions of creamy decadence! Risotto is a great starter to a meal, but it’s also a meal all to itself. There’s actually a festival coming up in honor of this Italian favorite – the 9th Annual International Risotto Festival – in Katy at the Houston Design Center.

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