Olivette's panna cotta

I’m Passionate About This Panna Cotta!

Feel the passion this Valentine’s Day, thanks to the good folks at Olivette at The Houstonian. Their Passion Fruit Panna Cotta was a sensational hit last year. I don’t often eat dessert unless it’s chocolate, but I have to say this one gives chocolate a run for its money! The zesty, exotic flavor blew me away. Watch how it came together in the video above. It’s surprisingly easy to prepare.

Pumpkin Cherry Bread Pudding

The creative chefs at the Westin La Cantera came up with this fun and delicious recipe…guaranteed to light up your holidays. Bread pudding, with lots of cinnamon, in the shape of a lantern. Add a candle representing the holiday of your choice, and you have a dish sure to impress your family and guests! Enjoy […]

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