Wines That Go Great With Seafood

Pairing wines with seafood can be a fun adventure. There are so many incredible white varietals that work with seafood. Experiment and see what you like best.
Let’s start with crabcakes, since that’s what we’re cooking this week. The crabcakes featured have an interesting sweet yet tangy chile sauce in the […]

Go Green – Think Hatch at CM

Hatch green chilies are here, and they’re fabulous. I just made the rounds at Central Market tasting, testing and LOVING every minute of it.
Since they roast them right there at the store, that intoxicating aroma is everywhere. And, it’s great fun to go from station to station trying the […]

Turkey Tips & Leftovers

Butterball has some great ideas on making your turkey look as good as it tastes. Afterall, presentation is everything right!
Turkey Garnishes
Try using fresh sage leaves and curly parsley around a turkey stuffed with dressing if sage is in your dressing. You can also add some colorful vegetables and fruits […]

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