Awesome Avocado Chips

At Goodtaste.tv, we’re always on the hunt for new food trends. Avocado fries and chips have been a buzzworthy, culinary creation for some time now! Enjoy Panko crusted avocado with jalapeƱo dip made from roasted jalapeƱos, cilantro, and Kewpie mayonnaise. It’s a delicious side dish available now at Fat Bao — The FIRST to infiltrate Houston with an array of Asian flavors in a steamed bao (bun).

La Fonda_fajitas

La Fonda’s Guide to Eating Good & Shedding Pounds!

Being from the South, if there is one food I can’t do without, it’s Tex Mex! Certainly I’ve looked for ways to not have to eliminate it from my New Year’s diet. The iconic La Fonda Alamo Heights is making that concept super simple this year! Their new gluten friendly, low calorie menu is tailored to help you cut carbs without skimping out on flavor!

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