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Healthy Bean Burger…Really?!

This place really puts a smile on my face. Cappy’s Restaurant is a landmark in Alamo Heights and it’s the ONLY place where you can find my all-time favorite bean burger – one that’s made with Akaushi beef from HeartBrand. What a world of difference in both taste and health Heartbrand Akaushi is…did you know Akaushi cattle are actually a national treasure in Japan?! And get this: Texas is the only place in the world outside of Japan that hosts this incredible breed of cattle.


Find your throne and chow down at Burger Palace

It’s no secret: bigger is better in Texas, and my friends over at Burger Palace are serving up giant portions hoping that your appetite is fit for a king or your backyard grill has plenty of room this weekend! All their burgers are made from the healthiest and tastiest beef money can buy– American Akaushi Kobe beef – a full two grades higher than US Prime! Not only is the end result make for a more tender, juicy, flavorful burger, BUT it’s also the healthier choice.

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