A Taste of Barcelona from BCN

With so many wonderful restaurants in Houston, it’s easy to take good food for granted. But, when you happen upon a place that’s truly special, it stands out. Such is the case at BCN…

“Homegrown” Italian from Coltivare!

A killer new spring cocktail list is one of many reasons to frequent Coltivare in the Heights – the latest endeavor from the guys behind Revival Market.

Delicious, Down-Home Eats from Seabrook Classic Cafe!

This is a spot you’ll return to time and time again for the homestyle Southern cooking. In celebration of three decades of service, the menu has been doubled, featuring items from all the way back in 1985 thru today!

Modern Twists on Southern Classics at Bramble

If your new year’s resolutions included breaking out of the same old restaurant routine, you’ll want to get a table at one of Houston’s hot new spots, Bramble. This hip location boasts an open kitchen, live fire and a patio that’s home to the chef’s garden…

Tuber & Root cocktail

Tuber & Root

A crafty cocktail seemingly MADE for the campfire! This Tuber & Root cocktail from CURRENT restaurant comes crowned with one torched vanilla marshmallow. Enjoy!

Cabernet Grill Venison Chili

Cabernet Grill’s Venison Black Bean Chili

Who’s hungry?! This venison chili from Executive Chef Ross Burtwell of the Cabernet Grill is a hit in the Hill Country. Try these simple steps at home today, and watch how it comes together here…

Texas Chopped Salmon Salad

Zinc’s Texas Chopped Salmon Salad

A Zinc specialty: Tequila cured salmon with arugula, pepitas, cotija cheese, pearl couscous, sweet dried corn in a creamy, rich basil pesto dressing. Ta-da!

Diet Wine, Anyone?

This new year, eat healthy, be sensible and by all means DON’T take wine out of your diet! I have some good tips on how you can keep wine in your diet, plus a restaurant rec for those who want a yummy, healthy meal…

A Healthy Dose of Daily Juice Cafe!

JUST IN…some juicy recommendations on how to incorporate all of the ‘good stuff’ into your diet as we move forward into 2017! Daily Juice Cafe is your one-stop shop for…

Deer Lake Lodge

Cleanse Right From Your Kitchen!

Whether your goal in 2017 is to feel better, get healthier or just hit the reset button, one of the best wellness retreats in Texas can happen right from your kitchen. Here’s how with some VERY simple recipes…

Rebelle Octopus

Rebelle’s Char-Grilled Spanish Octopus

A seasonal offering from Executive Chef Stefan Bowers of Rebelle inside The St. Anthony Hotel in downtown San Antonio. Plated with Braised Corona Beans in a Basil Pistou.

Tamales de Cochinita Pibil

Tamales de Cochinita Pibil

Executive Chef Alberto Gutierrez’s take on the classic Mexican dish, which hales from the coast of the Yucatan region of Mexico, Cochinita Pibil. Cochinita Pibil gets its robust flavor from the Achiote paste.

Truffles-Brennan's Cheesecake-Jenna K White

Black Truffle & Blue Crab Cheesecake

This decadent delight was created by Brennan’s Executive Chef Danny Trace for the 2016 Truffle Masters competition. An incredible pairing! The yield is 1 (10-inch) cheesecake.

Smokey Black Eyed Peas

The name says it all. Uber smokey black eyed peas from my friends at PUNK’S! A super simple side on New Year’s Eve or better yet, year-round!

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