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  • Enchiladas San Miguel

  • Cured's Milk and Honey

  • Boudro's Tableside Guacamole


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Spicy Milagro Margarita

You could call it the World's Freshest Margarita...who's to say otherwise! :) A smooth, agave-forward taste with fresh lime juice and agave nectar on Cinco de Mayo. Enjoy!


Knorr Guacamole

All you need are a few simple ingredients and a couple minutes to mash the avocados for this delicious guacamole. Courtesy of Knorr. Makes 1 3/4 cups.


Maker's Southern Peach Cooler

You’ll have to find your own front porch, but this bit of peachy perfection is ideal for kicking back and enjoying a breeze. Just mix in Maker’s Mark for a delicious taste of the Old South.


Enchiladas San Miguel

Enchiladas aren’t difficult to make per se, but getting all the components prepared dictates some work before the final assembly can begin. For the best-tasting results, make the fillings and sauces well ahead of time and reheat just in time to assemble the final product when it’s time to eat. Share the fun by having an assembly line to put the enchiladas together!


White Chocolate Limoncello Mousse

Many thanks to Chef Andrew ‘Drew’ Rogers at Drew's Pastry Place in Houston for dishing on this decadent Limoncello Mousse with white chocolate! Drew's is a family owned, authentic Italian bakery located in Northwest Houston.


Bistro Menil Tuna Tartare Bites

This melt-in-your mouth recipe transforms tuna into an experience. I’m glad to share this recipe with you, although I’d love to see you at the restaurant so I can do the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy.


Morning After Burger

Candied Bacon | Crispy Potato Hash | Sunny-Up Egg | Smoked Gouda | Bacon-Cheddar Waffle


VOX Duck Confit

lentils, watercress, verjus grapes, foie butter, aged balsamic


BCN Gin & Tonic

Hendrick's, Indian Fever-Tree Tonic, Juniper Berries & Cucumber


Grilled Spiced Beet Margarita

Whoa! Talk about festive! This Grilled Spiced Beet Margarita is one of three unique flavor options from The Pastry War, rimmed with sal de gusano (a traditional Oaxacan spice). PW is a vibrant watering hole, or "mezcaleria," off Main Street in Houston.


Cranberry Tequila Sour

A festive margarita cocktail infused with intense cranberry flavor from Goodtaste contributor Liz the Chef. Check out more family recipes from Liz on her website. :)


Crawfish and Andouille Etouffee

This distinctly Cajun dish is a hit! Revel in the true taste of NOLA with this Crawfish & Andouille Sausage Etouffee served over long grain rice with Louisiana hot sauce!


Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

"There are hundreds of kinds of cherry tomatoes, wonderful for muddling and pickling, but equally great for their firm and delicate texture. Just the stems alone are a work of art. They also make for an opening sensation. They are the perfect bite-size treat, with lots of flavor and juice." - Cocktail Chef Matthew Biancaniello


Coltivare Spaghetti with Black Pepper

Coltivare in the Heights, a joint venture from Chef Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber, is the definition of garden-to-table. They have their very own vegetable garden they pull from daily! Chef Pera recommends De Cecco for your spaghetti with black pepper, parmigiano and olive oil.


Cuchara's Nopalitos

Sliced cactus with tomato, onion, serrano peppers, fresh cheese, cilantro and lime. Courtesy of Cuchara in Houston!


Turkey & Brie Sandwich

Open wide for this honey turkey sandwich on sourdough with fig jam and fresh baby arugula. Thanks to Nicole at Frankie Hearts Fashion for sharing! Quick, easy and delicious indeed! :)