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Bottle of Lindemans' Framboise

  • ¾ Young's Double Chocolate Stout
  • ¼ Lindeman's Framboise

Often called a Youngberry Chocolate, or simply Chocolate Raspberry Ale, this delicious duo of brews comes together in lightening fashion and is superb with desserts…probably because it tastes like one itself! There’s the rockin’, aromatic nature of Lindeman’s raspberry lambic that clashes in beautiful harmony with Young’s pension for chocolate. Either of these beers is delicious all by itself, but when the two are combined  –  wow!  Prepare to swoon over your loved one and this drink come Valentine’s Day!  The recipe is easy….

Young's Double Chocolate StoutMix together 3 parts Young’s Double Chocolate Stout + 1 part Lindeman’s Framboise and enjoy.

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