Ep. 4: Rudy’s Bar-B-Q


No secret that folks from all over, and we mean all over, flock to Rudy’s – a legendary pitstop for the “worst bar-b-q in Texas” at the original location in Leon Springs. Did we mention they’ve got a sense of humor?

Ep. 2: Fredericksburg Bed & Brew

Hang your hat at the oldest and most acclaimed brewpub in Texas – the Fredericksburg Brewing Co. Where else can you find an “adult retreat” above a fine restaurant and craft brewery? Cheers!


Landscape with Edibles & Enjoy!

There’s an awesome new trend popping up more and more in urban settings across the country. That is, landscaping your home with edibles…


Just for My Java Peeps…

Meet the woman who’s not only raising the bar on quality coffee but also improving the lives of the struggling bean farmers behind many of our favorite roasts…


Goodtaste with Tanji – Episode 4

Inside an awe-inspiring spot for exotic eats–and the chef’s incredible rise to the top! Plus, we make a pitstop for legendary Lone Star BBQ and one of the top culinary schools in the world in Texas. It’s EPISODE 4!

peli 5

Fired Up for Episode 4!

EPISODE 4 of Goodtaste with Tanji airs April 30-May 1st – set those DVR’s! We start things off on a South African safari at one of the most unique restaurants in Houston. Here’s your first look…


Goodtaste with Tanji – Episode 3

One of the largest tequila lists in Texas, cured meats from a chef with a new lease on life, plus over 100 menu items and counting at this lively oyster bar! The third FULL EPISODE of Goodtaste with Tanji starts now…


Goodtaste with Tanji – Episode 2

World famous guacamole, a brewery where you can stay the night and our new favorite steakhouse doubles as a butcher shop! The second FULL EPISODE of Goodtaste with Tanji is but a click away…


What’s Cooking in Episode 2!

This is one meal you DON’T want to miss! EPISODE 2 premieres this weekend, April 16-17th – set your DVR! A complete listing of showtimes, plus a peek at where we’re headed right here…


Your Flavorful First Look at Episode 1!

If you missed our show this weekend–don’t fret! Stay tuned for the first FULL EPISODE of Goodtaste with Tanji – available Monday, April 11th right here on Goodtaste.tv!

Brackenridge Park

‘Happy Meals’ for the Park!

Join Goodtaste on a path to rediscovering our local parks. There’s nothing like the spring sunshine and some extra Vitamin D to stir the spirit within! Lunch outdoors doesn’t have to be a production either…


Local Lamb from the Lone Star State

You really can’t lose with lamb! A staple of the Mediterranean diet, locally-sourced lamb products are a lean, heart-healthy option for meals with virtually no carbs…


Ice Cream for Adults!

Anytime I have a nutrition question or want something magnificent created, I call on my go-to dietitian Rosie Benner. Here we’ve upped the ante on these are rich, homestyle treats…


Sunday Dinner in the South

Talk about the kind of eats that keep’em coming back for more! This selection of Southern comfort food is surely fit for an appearance at your next Sunday dinner…

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