How to Cut a Fresh Watermelon for Summer


Summertime in Texas means watermelon season! These plump, plus-size fruits are in stock BIG TIME at H-E-B. Chef Belinda with Cooking Connections offers up some great tips on how to choose, and carve the juiciest, ripest melon of the bunch.



Cans Keep Your Beer Fresh

Beer expert Sean Ballesteros’ best advice? Don’t fear canned beer! It’s the best way from your brew to stay fresh this summer. Let’s be real…we are spending more time outside these days. Hot, muggy weather practically begs for an ice cold craft ale to quench your thirst!



Rosés are On the Rise!

Rosé to the rescue! If you’re looking for relief just as temperatures are heating up, take on the remaining summer months with a wine that’s just as great to pair with as it is all by itself….rosé. July is a great time to include one of our picks with your next picnic or BBQ.



Not Your Mama’s Strawberry Shortcake!

Ahh the flavor shades of summer. Bright, light and oh so good! Chef Belinda of H-E-B Cooking Connection shares a chic finger food you can make with fresh strawberries. It’s shortcake in a way you might not have thought of before. The real “kicker” here is…



The Best Roasted Chicken You’ll Ever Make…

One of the most common — and most delicious — ways to prepare a whole chicken! Thanks to the team at Central Market for putting their BEST ‘wing’ forward for this crispy, tender entrée.



H-E-B Adds Hundreds of Organics to Its Shelves!

You asked for it, and H-E-B delivered! The H-E-B Organics line has been going strong since its launch this past March — 350 products strong! And there’s more to come. Now between June 18 – July 1, all H-E-B Organics are 20% off…



Father’s Day Wine Finds at H-E-B

Hey there cab fans, H-E-B’s annual Cabs for Dads SALE is back on beginning Wednesday, June 11. All cabernets on the shelf are on-sale! Ralph my Wine Guy and I have one in particular to check for, joined by a rosé and merlot that’s perfect for the grill…



You’ll Want to Taste Every Ounce of These Olive Oils!

When looking for a really good olive oil, one that you want to taste, it can be confusing! My pal Chef Belinda with H-E-B Cooking Connection offers some sage advice for choosing wisely — making things easier for all of us! These aren’t the kind you cook with in mass, but drizzle…glaze…really savor the flavor.



Lidia Bastianich’s Easy Tomato Basil Capellini

It doesn’t get much better than this! We’re packing on the pasta with the Pasta Queen. Celebrity Chef Lidia Bastianich is an old friend, and it’s such a treat to cook with her whenever she makes it into town. On this day, we tackled one of her beloved standards: Tomato Basil Capellini.



Fruit-Forward Wines Go Forth this Summer!

I can always count on Ralph my Wine Guy for new monthly wines to try from H-E-B, but a couple of these I’ve never seen before! Track down our three picks and you’ll be set for summer. I’ll be honest, I was stealing glances at this bottle all along…



Savor These Spring Days with Sauvignon Blanc

We’re checking in with my pal Mary Busby, wine expert extraordinaire, from Montrose Market — one of the top-selling wine H-E-Bs in all of Houston. Our convo was light, as was the wine. A carefree day of sampling Sauvignon Blancs…perfect for our Texan appetites and Moms on Mother’s Day…



Cool Wines for Hot Temps are at H-E-B!

Things are finally heating up in South Texas. Summer is just around the corner and it gets hot here pretty quickly! My always dependable wine aficionado, Ralph Cortez, has your monthly dosage of wines just right for the current weather. We’re thinking…


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