Quick & Easy Weekday Casseroles Kicked Up!


It’s the return of routine, along with schedule-friendly foods that practically make themselves. Find a great week night meal solution in homemade casserole! Whatever you don’t finish is good to freeze and reheat for some awesome leftovers…

Change Up Grilled Chicken with Chimichurri!

Bring on the spice! Just imagine…the taste of Argentina in your own backyard this tailgate season. We’re at the H-E-B Montrose Market working with one of the most buzzable spices right now – Chimichurri.

HEB SA Dec Wines

The Most Wonderful Time for Wine!

Give a gift you know won’t be re-gifted this holiday season! It’s the time of year to spend a little bit more on a nice bottle of wine for the people we love. H-E-B has a tremendous selection of wines from all around the world at just about every price point you can imagine!

HEB HU December Wines

Think ‘Big Holiday Reds’ + Bubbly

Robust holiday reds have made their way onto shelves in H-E-B’s Wine Department. Wine Manager Michael Catalano at The Cellar at San Felipe shared his recommendations for full-bodied Napa cabs, two different styles, along with a sparkling rosé that caught our eye for New Year’s Eve…


Wines of the Week – Episode 10

Pinot Noir – one of my faves! A few extra dollars spent on this varietal can go a long way. Six or more bottles from H-E-B – mixed and matched – earns you a 10% discount on your total purchase…


Goodtaste with Tanji – Episode 10

We hit the road for famous gourmet country fare at Mac & Ernie’s! Then, Parisian pastries and more French-inspired goodies from Bakery Lorraine. And Manor House is finally open for lunch–after 30 YEARS no less!


Mac & Ernie’s Ancho Chili Honey Sauce

Mac & Ernie’s smoky, sweet Ancho Chili Honey Sauce! We love this stuff on everything…chicken, beef, you name it! The original recipe, plus a slight variation from H-E-B Cooking Connection.


Catch These Cabs for Dad!

Great news for dads out there- H-E-B’s Cabs for Dads sale returns in time for Father’s Day! Look for discounts on select cabs thru Sunday, June 19th–see the wine manager at your local store for details!


Goodtaste with Tanji – Episode 9

Tips from Chef Brian West at Smoke on making your best brisket ever, the SPOT you’ll want to visit next time you’re at the beach and a Hill Country favorite from Pecan Street Brewing. Plus, my wine finds from H-E-B…


H-E-B Recipe Redo: Pecan Street Pecan Sweet Chicken

The Pecan Street Pecan Sweet Chicken is a scrumptious staple at Pecan Street Brewing. Chef Adrian with H-E-B Cooking Connection guides us through the cooking process for a gluten-free version of the recipe!


Wines of the Week – Episode 9

Wines fun and light for summer at H-E-B. Buy 6+ bottles of wine from H-E-B, mixed and matched, and receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase.


Sunshine Wines are a Steal!

Great wine finds for the summer at H-E-B–one in particular that I’m really excited to try for the month of June! Buy 6+ bottles of wine, mixed and matched, and receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase.


Goodtaste with Tanji – Episode 8

Cajun food from a true Louisiana Maw Maw at BB’s Cafe in Montrose! Then, on over to SA to Magnolia Pancake Haus and their world famous buttermilk pancakes! PLUS, what’s said to be the best brunch on Austin’s Rainey Street…

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