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Cans Keep Your Beer Fresh


Beer expert Sean Ballesteros’ best advice? Don’t fear canned beer! It’s the best way from your brew to stay fresh this summer. Let’s be real…we are spending more time outside these days. Hot, muggy weather practically begs for an ice cold craft ale to quench your thirst!



Quick! Cash In On This Chicken Cacciatore

Easy and healthy! Two words I can agree on when it comes to dinner in a pinch. This chicken cacciatore is beautiful and delicious…pair it with a good glass of red wine after a hard day’s work! You only need three things to make this dish come alive…



This Beautiful Sesame Ginger Glazed Salmon Surprises!

There’s a lot to be excited about with this latest recipe from H-E-B’s Cooking Connections. I’m on a mission, as of late, to eat healthier without sacrificing on taste. This beautiful Cedar Smoked Salmon filet is super easy to cook up, and has a great number of health benefits (it’s diabetic friendly)!



Calling All Cabs at H-E-B!

Happy holidays everyone! There’s a big sale in H-E-B’s Wine Department the week leading up to Christmas…ALL Cabs will be marked 10% off! It’s that time of year again. Spring for an extra-special bottle for your holiday table.



Zinfandels are in for October!

Zin season is upon us! Goodtaste linked up with our wine expert, manager Mary Busby, at Houston’s Montrose Market H-E-B for the scoop…red wine lovers have a lot to look forward to. You’ll be happy to have one of these to pair with the heavier fare for autumn.



Seasoned Pork Tenderloin in a Rosé Cherry Cream Sauce!

Prepare to be AMAZED! Chef Adrian Perez with Cooking Connections at H-E-B Montrose is right on target with this specialty dish for fall. Natural pork tenderloin cut into manageable medallions, made with a bottle of your favorite rosé wine, pitted cherries and a delectable cream sauce you’ll want to copy and reuse again and again…



Tailgating Wines Take Off at H-E-B!

Tailgating weather is here and the fever is fierce in Houston! Go Texans go! Wine manager at Montrose, Mary Busby, and I agree: beer is great, but sometimes you just need a good glass of wine to watch the game…a perfect marriage.



Wines Women Love for Tailgating & Food to Go With

Howdy Houston! It’s no secret women love wine – but we also like to tailgate too! I got with Chef Anna of Cooking Connections at the H-E-B plus! at Bunker Hill for the inside scoop on healthy tailgating options that act as awesome alternatives to the usual suspects of heavy, fatty ‘man’ foods.



The Right Time for Rosés!

We just previewed a few rosés you can find on the shelves at H-E-B Bunker Hill. Now, next stop Montrose Market! This store has a wonderful selection and Mary Busby, the Wine Manager, is such a knowledgeable gal…you’ll have no trouble finding that perfect bottle!


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