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I’m the official Fiesta Foodie!

The Fiesta Commission has named me your official Fiesta Foodie. I’ll keep you up to date on fabulous Fiesta recipes, zesty Fiesta drinks and unique Fiesta finds. Everything you need to make this the best Fiesta ever!

Fiesta Foodie Favorites


Sure, Fiesta is all about the parties, parades and pageantry. But, it’s also about the food! Check out our Fiesta Foodie Fav Finds right here.

Talk about a perfect party food, check out these easy dishes. Try a Fiesta Pizza Party with this one. Or, how does a Gordita Fiesta sound? Put all the ingredients out so your guests can customize their own. For a fit Fiesta, I love this Chicken Enchilada Surprise from H-E-B.

You won’t find a Fiesta side dish more colorful than a Roasted Corn and Black Bean salad. It’s chilled too…so it’s a perfect way to keep cool! Keep reading for more recipes…..

Taste of the Northside Rocks Fiesta

Fiesta is many things to many folks whether it’s a family tradition of staking out a perfect spot for the parades, a night of revelry at NIOSA or simply a backyard fiesta with neighbors and friends. In all cases there’s one thing in common – great food! And yes, often beer and sangria are in the mix…

A Taste of the Northside LOGO

Fiesta comes early

Fiesta 2011 is earlier than ususal…all the fun starts April 7. BUT, you can already get a lot of the fun new fiesta ‘stuff’ at the Fiesta Store on Broadway. Checkout the hot new item they can’t keep in stock.


River of Dreams in San Antonio

This is my favorite of all the Fiesta parades, and one of the most beautiful you’ll see anywhere as the setting is the charming San Antonio River Walk. This year I’ll be emceeing the River Parade along with Maclovio Perez. You can watch the fun festivities LIVE, Monday, April 11 at 7 p.m., on KLRN TV. To see what you missed last year, watch the video. Fiesta gets bigger and better every year. Viva Fiesta!


Local Flavors Shake Up TONS 2014!

It’s Fiesta time! No doubt about it. Brighton Center’s A Taste of the Northside always has something special in-store for party goers, and this year is no exception. I’ve never seen anything quite like this…


Take On A Taste of the Northside 2014!

Welcome to the Best Fiesta Event three years running. This year’s ‘A Taste of the Northside’ will mark 15 years of the finest wine, beer, restaurants and live music the city of San Antonio has to offer! And, I have a special discount on VIP tickets, exclusively through…


NIOSA Anticuchos!

One of the most revered and “oldest” dishes at NIOSA: Anticucho, a marinated steak shish-kebab, was introduced in 1955. More than 5,900 pounds of sirloin are ordered today! You can find them in the Mexican Market Area.


Taste of the Northside Rocks for Fiesta

If you missed it last year, check out the video – it’s one of my favorite Fiesta events. Taste of the Northside features tons of restaurants each serving different foods, plus there’s plenty of beer and wine tastings too and lots of live music.


Tamales Galore!

The fabulous event chock full of food and fun is on. As your Official Fiesta Foodie, I have the ‘tough’ job of sampling a lot of the food, and so far, so fabulous!


King Antonio on Fiesta Medals

King Antonio Nick Campbell talks about the fun and the craziness that is ‘medal mania’. How many Fiesta medals do you have?


Your first stop – The Fiesta Store!

You’ll find the best Fiesta souvenirs at The Fiesta Store on Broadway. All kinds of great jewelry, t-shirts, posters, wreaths… even cascaroné wine charms for your wine glasses!

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