Drink Cures Cold and Flu?

If you’re feeling a little ‘under the weather’…you might want to sip on this!
That’s what they tell me at Zinc Wine Bar and Bistro. It’s called ‘Dr. B’s Cure’…packed with antioxidants, vitamin B and fresh fruit. It’s from Zinc Wine Bar. So, if you don’t want to feel your pain and get something good […]

Weight Loss Tips

I recently did three weeks of dieting on the My Fit Foods plan. You can read all about that in my previous post, but I wanted to share with you some dieting tips they gave us. Some you probably already know, but if you’re like me, some were new.
1. To maximize your calorie […]

Do Diets Really Work?

I find myself asking that question as I’m just finishing three weeks of ‘watching what I eat’. My goal was to lose about 5 pounds.
I signed up for the My Fit Foods diet which, I must say, I’m impressed with. There are no gimmicky contracts, no upfront cash required and best of all, […]

Lose Weight on Mexican Food

Yes, it can be done. Not all Mexican food is fattening as my friend Blanca Aldaco recently told me. If you’ve been to Blanca’s restaurant, Aldaco’s Stone Oak, then you know what she’s talking about.
There are very few fried items on the menu. Aldaco’s Stone Oak specializes in interior Mexican Cuisine, which […]

When price is worth it on wine

I’m bad about saving everything special for some ‘special’ occasion. If I travel to a special place and buy a cool bath oil, I save it for something….what for? I’m the same way with candles, special food items…you name it. I’m done with saving…life is now!
This Christmas I cooked an incredible prime […]

Top New Year’s Eve Picks

Top Picks for New Years Eve
If you’re feeling adventurous this New Year’s, and why not…afterall life’s short, I’ve got some great New Year’s Eve ideas for you. Be romantic, be festive…celebrate another fabulous year!
The Riverwalk is spectacular right now – hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights make for an incredible view.
Here’s some choices—
Zinc Bistro […]

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