Brent Hurter

Hatch Chile

Hatch Season at H-E-B!

I love a “one-pan” dish. That’s exactly what you can expect from this aromatic Hatch Green Chile Tilapia…ready in 10 minutes flat! It’s one of my favorite times of year, when these chiles are in season. Chef Brent whipped together a sensational sauce made with all-natural Cookwell & Co.’s Veracruz, chunks of queso fresco, and those zesty hatch chiles.

A meal from Chef Brent

Two gourmet wine dinners in ten minutes flat!

When you find a particular wine you really love, it’s always a treat find a meal to compliment the wine — both taste better! Plus, when you can whip up that meal in no time, it’s a win-win all around. That’s exactly what you’ll find here — two very easy fabulous meals with some wonderful wines to pair them with….

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