The Very Popular Vegan Black Bean Cake from Boudro’s

Boudro’s Texas Bistro on the historic San Antonio River Walk…it doesn’t get any better than that! Chefs Ivan and Manny add yet another inspired effort to Boudro’s gluten-free menu — a Black Bean Griddle Cake plated on a beautiful basque piperade, alongside a garbanzo roasted tomato avocado relish, and accompanied by rosemary potatoes, fresh plantains, and garnished with crispy green beans. Holy moly!

Boudro's prime rib plate

The prime place for prime rib

Welcome to the busiest kitchen per square footage in the entire country! Boudro’s bistro on the River Walk is the place to be and be seen. We’re tackling their signature dish that made them top dog: the Blackened Prime Rib. Served with Boudreaux butter, rosemary potatoes and roasted vegetables, this dish is divine – and perfect for your holiday celebrations!

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