Easter Brunch in Austin


Follow your nose (and tummy) to these scrumptious spots for Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 5th in ATX! RSVP while there’s still time…



Weekend Brunch at Two Fan Favorites in Austin!

Austin knows a thing or two about brunch, particularly on the holidays. If you’re planning to go somewhere special on Easter, now is the time to make reservations. We know two spots that definitely do this mid-morning meal right…South Congress Café and the historic Driskill Hotel.



Seriously Good Fixin’s from Noble Sandwich Co.

Stop in for something so much more than a ‘sandwich’ at Noble Sandwich Co. Our lunch was out within 10 minutes, hot and carefully prepared. This is thinking man’s food — the kind that makes you appreciate ingredients when they go the extra mile. In this case, well, you get the idea…



KEYE-TV: Super Bowl Snacks

Dining, spirits and sports “covers” all the bases at Cover 3. It’s American fare with Southwestern twists on their made-from-scratch menu…upscale dining with a love of the game. It’s only suitable you pay them a visit for Super Bowl Sunday!



Amazing Grilled Cheese in Austin!

We’re calling dibs on some of the most ingenious grilled cheese recipes around the Capital. Progressive ways to play with cheese this week on We Are Austin, as well as a few of our favorite recipes!



KEYE-TV: The ‘Real’ Comfort Foods!

Here’s the scoop on what the ‘real’ comfort foods are: healthy foods that actually boost your mood. This is not your typical diet – more of a lifestyle choice! Serotonin-building foods that make you feel less stressed, and sustain the weight loss you’ve worked so hard for…



Boost Your Mood Without the Meds!

More docs agree that there are certain foods that can actually increase the levels of serotonin in your brain. I’ve found over the years that making smarter choices in the foods I choose does help with weight loss and can even boost my moods…happy foods, if you will!



Coconut Cream Pie from the World Famous Blue Bonnet Cafe!

A main attraction of Main Street in Marble Falls, stemming all the way back to 1929! The Blue Bonnet Cafe is world renown for two things: the people and their pie! The latter of which resulted in a recipe for their top-seller…Coconut Cream Pie!



KEYE-TV: The Cake Plate

Goodtaste dishes on Austin’s most delicious and beautiful custom cake shop — The Cake Plate! Wedding cakes, specialty cakes, and tasty treats for any occasion…including the holidays!



KEYE-TV: Royers Pie Haven

Some of the best pies from the one and only Pieman I know, Bud Royer, just in time for the holidays on KEYE-TV! Royers Pie Haven is home to some legendary pies indeed. Goodtaste is on ‘We Are Austin’ with several stars…



KEYE-TV: Fixed Foods

Squeeze in a little healthy food before the holidays hit. After meeting the folks from Fixed Foods and seeing their product, I was impressed! It’s gourmet, healthy food delivered to you; personalized meals made fresh and never frozen…



KEYE-TV: Noble Sandwich Co.

Cooler weather means comfort food is on the mind – at least on! This week on We are Austin, we’re sharing several standout items from Austin’s Noble Sandwich Co…perfect on National Sandwich Day (Nov 3rd).


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