A Fusion of Korean, Japanese & Family at Nara!

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There are so many amazing restaurants in Houston that eating out is often an adventure. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a cool new spot pops up that wows your senses all over again. Such is the case with Nara in West Ave.

The new restaurant from Chef Donald Chang (a longtime Houstonian and owner of the popular Uptown Sushi) fuses Korean and Japanese cuisine, something you’d be hard pressed to find in Houston. Look no further.

The recipes for the side dishes at Nara, such as kimchi, king oyster mushroom sauté and Korean potato salad are all homemade using recipes from Chef Chang’s mom’s.

Because of Korean tradition, mothers can only pass on recipes to their daughters, so Chef Chang says he doesn’t even know the secret ingredients in many of the sauces or the side dishes. Lucky for all of us, this spot is a family affair.

If you go to Nara, be sure to check out the private grill room. It’s one of the most exciting parts of dining at Nara. Goodtaste.tv got a preview of the dramatic spot complete with its large grills and their sleek and whisper-quiet vent-a-hoods.

Bulgogi-NaraThe first round of meat delivered to the table was Bulgogi, a Texas T Kobe ribeye. The sizzle of the meat hitting the grill was electric, and the aroma was intoxicating!

Chef said the traditional way to eat the meat is on a piece of lettuce or sesame leaf with white rice and a dollop of Sam JJang, a spicy soy bean sauce. It was the perfect bite of food.

Next up–the Kurobota pork belly. This dish was delish with a helping of the homemade kimchi prepared by Chef Chang’s mom.

After the Kurobota came the jewel of the meal, a Texas T Kobe boneless short rib. The marbling on the meat was beautiful. The flavor rich and the texture fork-tender. The dish was delicious and served with a king oyster mushroom sauté.

nara-green-teaAlas, dessert. And, what a finale it was! Bacon flavored sugar cookies served with a chocolate sauce and a delicately delightful green tea tiramisu. I have the recipe on Goodtaste.tv.

The chef’s table is also available for a special tasting at $85 a person.

For more delish food ideas and wine pairings, head to Goodtaste.tv. While you’re there sign up for a chance to win our getaway to Deer Lake Lodge Spa near Lake Conroe. Three days and two nights of total relaxation!



2800 Kirby Dr #100, Houston, TX 77098
Get Directions | Website | (281) 249-5944

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