Wines Women Love for Tailgating & Food to Go With

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It’s no secret women love wine – but we also like to tailgate too! I got with Chef Anna of Cooking Connections at the H-E-B at Bunker Hill for the inside scoop on healthy tailgating options that act as awesome alternatives to the usual suspects of heavy, fatty ‘man’ foods.

How about this homemade, avocado ranch dip? We used fat free Greek yogurt (I LOVE this stuff) instead of sour cream. It’s the perfect palate-cooling counterpart to H-E-B’s That Green Sauce…a delightful jalapeño-based sauce with lots of flavor. And avocado — that’s brain food! It’s loaded with the ‘good’ kind of fat our bodies crave. Combine with ranch seasoning and you’re ready to roll.

middle-sister-sweet-and-sassyMy wine selections aren’t far from reach either. The Middle Sister, Cowgirl Sisterhood, and Wine Sisterhood lines are all available at H-E-B and rock with the tailgating foods — spicy or sweet! I took a few bottles of each on Great Day Houston to chat more about wine pairings women love for tailgating. I’d recommened Middle Sister’s Sweet & Sassy Moscato while enjoying your newly mixed avocado ranch dip. This delicious wine has aromas and flavor of white peaches, citrus and honeysuckle, and compliments just right. Also try with this sensational 7 Layer Petticoat Dip made healthy with fat free refried black beans and Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream)…

If it’s meat you desire, steer towards leaner, healthier proteins like chicken or lamb. Chef Anna shows you how to make mouthwatering meat skewers packed with pineapple (for sweetness), bell peppers and grilled onions. Yes, please! For more delicious recipes and fun food and wine pairing ideas, subscribe to my newsletter.

Savor These Wines & Recipes to Pair With:




Middle Sister Drama Queen

Recipe: Chunky Chili Con Queso Surprise







Cowgirl Sisterhood Sweet Red & Sweet White

Recipe: Spicy She-Devil Shrimp







Slow Dancer Cabernet Sauvignon

Recipe: Guava-Glazed Baby Back Ribs




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