Designer Hot Dogs for Your Next BBQ


Nothing says America more than hot dogs. If you’re getting ready to fire up the grill and serve up some dogs, try these tips and unique spins on the average hot dog that’ll make a winner of a dinner! For award-winning dogs, keep these simple tips in mind to create some of the juiciest and tastiest hot dogs on the block:

First, make sure your uncooked hot dogs are at room temperature before placing them on the grill. This way, the meat won’t be shocked when hitting the grill and will cook evenly.

Second, be sure to score your hot dogs before placing them on the grill. This will allow the grill heat to cook through the meat and create flavor throughout.

Third, and most important, place your hot dogs over indirect heat. If you place them too close to the heat source on the grill, they run the risk of burning or cooking too quickly.

Finally, choose hot dogs with natural casings and 100% beef. This will get you the best tasting hot dogs. Once you have your dogs cooked, here are some fun variations to create a unique hot dog the family won’t soon forget!

Houston’s James Coney Island is celebrating a milestone of 90 years in business. They’re kicking off a six-month hot dog celebration with designer dogs being featured on their menus. You can learn more about the different hot dogs in the Chefs And Show Dogs series by visiting

The Kata Ro-Dog-A

Kata Robata’s Chef Horiuchi has created the Kata Ro-Dog-A. It’s a hot dog that infuses Asian flavors into every bite. You can find it on the James Coney Island menu during July or create your own at home.


-All-Beef hot dog
-white or wheat bun
-Panko batter (purchase instant batter and follow directions)
-Canola oil
-Scrambled eggs
-Japanese curry sauce (bottled from the grocery store)
-Pickled cucumbers
-Pickled red onions
-Spicy Mayo
-Micro greens, for garnish

Take the fully-cooked hot dog and place it into a the Panko batter. Roll it around to be fully coated. Then, place in a deep fryer or shallow pot filled with Canola oil until it’s lightly brown all over. Then, place the Panko-crusted hot dog in the bun.

Layer on the Japanese curry sauce, pickled cucumbers, pickled red onions, scrambled eggs, micro greens and spicy mayo. Serve and enjoy!

The Huntin’ Dog

You can also create Chef Randy’s “The Huntin’ Dog” at home. It was the featured June hot dog, but you can still make one for your July 4th feast.


-100% All-Angus hot dog, fully cooked
-Jalapeño-Cheddar bun
-Your favorite chili recipe, for topping
-Chopped onion, for garnish
-Chopped Cilantro, for garnish

Take the fully-cooked hot dog and place it into the bun. Layer on the chili, onion and cilantro to your liking. Serve and enjoy. For more great food and wine ideas, head to While you’re there sign up for my newsletter…it’ FREE!

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