Tanji’s H-E-B Taste of the Month has Arrived!

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Summer is still going strong and school is just around the corner! Ralph “My Wine Guy” set me up with a few vino picks for August…

Tanji's H-E-B Taste of the monthFive different grapes come alive in the Esteio ($8), a spirited white that serenades your lips with flavors of peach, lemon and lime. Its slightly effervescent nature makes it a splendid choice to pour over crushed ice with freshly squeezed lime juice…try with sushi or this asparagus salad.

Be sure to check out ‘Tanji’s H-E-B taste of the month’ – look out for my new red tags in your local store!!

Plush is a smooth red blend that’s semi-dry and has a higher fruit concentration, but well worth it for just $10! The plum undertones make it a great companion for saucy burgers or BBQ. The Italian Gabbiano Moscato shows a sweeter side that’s also very refreshing. Keep all three in mind when browsing for bargains. And speaking of which…six or more bottles gets you an additional 10% off!

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