Find A Fish For Lent!

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Fried Fish Lent

For a lot of folks, it’s a time of year to reflect and to fast. You don’t have to be of the Catholic faith to appreciate how giving up a luxury can make you appreciate having it all the more. Either way, why not find a new favorite fish to cook up and enjoy!

Massa Key Lime Trout
Color up your plate with Massa’s Key Lime Rainbow Trout. It comes brushed with ranch seasoning then topped with a garlic butter and rum sauce…yum!

Try this Herb Seared Lemon Sole over an incredibly tasty wild mushroom risotto…just splendid. Masraff’s really knows how maximize on flavor!

Masraff Halibut

Halibut like you’ve never had: pan-seared and bathed in a velvety butternut squash puree. It comes served with baby carrots and charred green cauliflower- all lightly flavored with a yellow beet & tobiko vinaigrette. Click here for prep instructions…

La Gloria Snapper
La Gloria livens the mood with their “Huachinango” Chile Limon or Red Snapper. Fresh slices of avocado are a crafty finish to this gourmet take on common Mexican street food.

Get Creative!

Auden Kitchen Smoked Salmon Pizza

Auden’s Kitchen has a smokey alternative to your triple meat pizza – smoked salmon with garlic! It requires a pizza stone and a peel to try at home…and it’s so worth it. Click here for the ingredients to this popular dish.

Rosario's Fish Tacos

Tilapia fish tacos are all the rage at Rosario’s. They’ve been on the South Town menu for years! I’m very excited to finally have their recipe…easy to make and addictive to munch on!

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