Pies that are totally out of this world

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Flying Saucer Pie Company - pie crustsShhh! Can you keep a secret? Recently I was invited behind closed doors at the famous, legendary Flying Saucer Pie Company to get the insider’s scoop on exactly how they make those sensational pie crusts that have everyone buzzing. I can tell you the ultimate success lies in not only in the  ingredients you use, but more importantly, how you combine them. And there aren’t many!

For over forty years this family owned and operated shop satisfied the sweet tooth of hundreds of thousands! Their all time best seller -the strawberry pie. Topped with a generous helping of homemade whipped cream, these desserts have people lining up, sometimes blocks at a time!

For some great pie recipes head to my recipe section.


logo - Flying Saucer Pie Company

Flying Saucer Pie Company

436 W. Crosstimbers, Houston, Texas 77018 | (713) 694-1141
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