Royals’ Wedding Feast

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Romance is in the air and all over the airwaves now that Prince William and ‘Kate’ are engaged. If you were planning perhaps the most celebrated wedding of the decade, what would you serve? I asked Royal Chef Darren McGrady what he would serve at the Royal Wedding. Keep in mind, he’s Queen Elizabeth’s former chef, and he was also king of the kitchen at Kensington Palace for Princess Diana and the boys.

He knows the royals very well, and he documents many of his adventures in a fabulous cookbook called Eating Royally. Chef McGrady agreed to share his incredible recipe for a tenderloin steak with a delectable Burgundy chocolate sauce.

Try the Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin with Chocolate Burgundy Sauce recipe for yourself.

Chef Darren McGrady

Royal Chef Darren McGrady

Darren McGrady was personal chef to Princess Diana for four years until her tragic accident and was a senior chef in the Royal kitchens at Buckingham Palace for eleven years where he traveled around the world with the Queen and the royal family. Prior to his royal service he trained at the Savoy hotel in London and obtained a bachelors degree in culinary arts.

Darren has cooked for four U.S. Presidents as well over a hundred Kings, Queens and Heads of State. He has cooked on The Today Show and CBS Early Show in New York as well as many breakfast shows around the U.S.A. and Canada. He has also appeared on; CNN headline news. Larry King live. Fox News Channel. Fox and Friends. QVC. BBC and Sky TV. In September this year he was invited to cook at the James Beard House. Read his full bio here, or order his cookbook on Amazon.com.

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