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Texas barbecue

Texas has no shortage of world-class restaurants, breathtaking scenery and places you won’t find anywhere else in the country! That’s why we’re launching a new monthly segment for the gourmet traveler…

Testing, Testing…Tanji’s Hot Takes!

Hi everyone! We’re trying something new–a monthly segment of my favorite finds. All kinds of things for on-the-go, around the house or wherever life takes you!

Tanji's List
Mason Jar Pasta Salad

Travel Foods That FUEL!

We’re no strangers to long road trips across this big and beautiful state! While there’s no shortage of delicious stops along Texas highways, occasionally, we need to reach for a snack (or two!) to power through…

Tanji and Blanca Aldaco

Showtimes for Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2

Hi guys! Goodtaste with Tanji is underway! You don’t want to miss one single delicious episode. The best way to catch every episode is to set your DVR now. Then, we’re on your time. Cheers y’all!

Mr. Natural has a Knack for the Good Stuff!

For vegans, vegetarians and even those going ‘gluten free,’ finding foods that fit your dietary needs can be challenging, but not impossible! Enter Mr. Natural, a specialty Austin bakery that’s been open since 1988…

El Machito fish

First-Rate Cuisine from South of the Border!

Join us for a mouthwatering feast of Mexican fine dining like no other on Goodtaste with Tanji! Fire up your appetite at El Machito. Then, say ¡Salud! to Caracol, and feel like familia at Alcomar.

Chili Cheese Curd Burger

Conquer This Colossal Chili Cheese Curd Burger

Burgers are always boss — especially this big guy! Bust out the knife and fork for this Chili and Spicy Cheese Curd Burger from Executive Chef Don Carr with Sysco Central Texas. Each 7 oz patty is a juicy blend of…

Lone Star Cafe

Great Restaurants with a View

From its beautiful scenery to exquisite wine and dining, people from all over the world come to San Antonio to see the River Walk. We’ve got which restaurants are a “must-do,” along with the best wines for the summer months!

Upscale Mexican Up Next!

It’s a fiesta of upscale Mexican flavors at three diverse and delicious Texas dining spots on Goodtaste with Tanji this weekend, June 17-18! Last time change for San Antonio!

Fresh Greens from Vinaigrette

At Vinaigrette, salads are the star! Fresh and light options for greens this week on We are Austin — plus the perfect wine pairings from my friends at the Westlake H-E-B!

Odd Duck Burger

Lone Star Favorites…More Than Meets The Eye!

Texas comfort food favorites with a twist on Goodtaste with Tanji! Savor scratch-made dishes at State Fare, make Odd Duck a “must-try” and take a bite of gourmet goodness at Backyard Bistro.

Chicken Lollipops

Change Up Plain Jane Chicken!

We’ve hatched a plan for the new chicken dinner…are you in? On tap for the summer months ahead: chubby chicken lollipops, crispy Asian chicken wings and spicy chicken skewers tamed with a creamy Greek yogurt sauce!

Eppa Sangria

Tipsy Treats for Vacation Fun

Temperatures are on the rise in Texas, meaning it’s a perfect time to pour yourself something nice and cool! Taste test our tipsy treats you can make for your next patio party–with something for the kiddos as well!

State Fare Frito Pie

It’s Texas–with a Twist!

Texas comfort food ‘with a twist’ at fabulous dining destinations across the state this weekend on Goodtaste with Tanji! SET YOUR DVR for June 10-11! There is also a time change for this week for San Antonio folks!

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