Let’s ‘Hatch’ it Out!

Hatch Chile

In addition to these triple digit temps comes yet another dose of heat! This one is celebrated, even welcomed, by foodies in the know—Hatch chile season! The distinct, peppery aroma of these flame-roasted chiles is intoxicating…



Back-to-School Toddies for Mom!

Lemme guess…did everyone sigh a big ahhhhhhh when the school bells rang on Monday?! Back to school means back to a routine and yes, a bit of celebrating. Put the craziness of the first day of school behind you and kick your feet up with something beautiful…



Dreamy Ice Cream Cake Melts!

Microwave ice cream and end up with cake, huh?! The tease from Food and Wine caught my eye, so I decided to investigate. I created three different ‘cakes’ and used H-E-B’s Creamy Creations ice creams. The process is simple and turns run-of-the-mill ice cream on its head!



New Rosés that Rock for Summer!

More options for one of my favorite summer varietals are in at the H-E-B Montrose Market. One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about rosés is that they’re all too sweet. Not true! For red fans who want a smooth transition to white – reach for rosé!



Sourcing Fresh Produce has NEVER Been Easier!

Urban Produce is an indoor, climate-controlled farm just outside of Waco, TX. This is THE dream scenario for just about any chef: to have the ability to source local, fresh, sustainable produce with a quality assurance that never waivers..


Generations of True Texas Barbecue from Terry Black’s

Surely you’ve heard of the amazing BBQ at Terry Black’s. Together this family has been in the barbecue biz for nearly 100 years! TB’s new location on Barton Springs in Austin plays host to the legendary Black’s brisket, GIANT short ribs, jalapeño cheese sausage and so much more…


ANY Day for Rosé!

One of my very favorite wine varietals is also one of the most misunderstood… rosés! Classic rosé wines are dry and crisp…not sweet. They’re also generally VERY inexpensive, plus a low alcohol content makes them a perfect summer ‘porch’ wine…


This is White Wine Weather!

A great variety for right now is what it’s all about at H-E-B Montrose Market. Wine Manager Mary Busby and I share a lot of the same tastes and agree that a chilled white is just what we desire for this heat. The following three varietals are just the ticket…


Fabulous Flavor from Fire & Ice Pizza Bar!

Wake up with delicious hand-tossed pizza – we won’t tell! Fire & Ice Pizza Bar has a modern twist on the classic cuisine, and they’re known for speed. Mouthwatering artisanal pizza in less than 5 minutes from a Le Cordon Bleu chef!

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